Vinyl Resources

The Top 5 Beginner Turntables

From budget-friendly to high-end audiophile, you have a lot of options when buying a turntable. Here are our top 5 for the beginner vinyl enthusiast.

52 Best Albums to Own on Vinyl

Building a record collection isn’t easy. Here are 52 LPs that you can’t go wrong with owning on vinyl.

3 Beginner HiFi Vinyl Setups Under $1000

So you’ve started your vinyl journey with the cheapest, portable, all-in-one record player you could find…that’s ok, we’ve all been there. But, just as there comes a time in life when you ditch the velcro shoes for something with laces, so too must you someday upgrade your hifi system to something that allows for the fidelity & joy possible with a better setup. Here are 3 setups to get you started.

9 Record Album Storage Options for Vinyl Collectors

As the records start accumulating it doesn’t take long before the problem of storage comes into play. Here are our 9 favorite record storage furniture options.