Lord Willin'

№ 65
May 2018

Drug music was never this musical or this menacing. There’s something innately regional to it too. These are dope boy dirges constructed for the concrete blocks limning the boardwalk of Virginia Beach, universal in their appeal but full of mean-spirited couplets only fully understood by those singing lullabies to the fallen. This was always funeral music, the funkiest ever divined. Even the lord couldn’t help but ride out to it.

- VMP exclusive emerald vinyl edition

- Remastered from original source

- 2LP, 45 RPM

- Heavyweight Gatefold Tip-On Jacket

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“The avant-garde never got that sinister; chronicles of the drug game that even John Cage could grind to. Nothing before or since has anything sounded so effortlessly futuristic.”

Jeff Weiss

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