The Unlucky Story of Raven

On July 18th 2017 » By Mitch Anderson


In this episode of the all-vinyl Stax of Wax we follow the 1970’s band “Raven” on their journey across the U.S up to them signing their first major record deal. However, this journey does not go as planned. Not anywhere close. Tune in to hear some killer music from “Raven”, bands they toured with, modern music that was influenced by their sound, as well as band you may not have heard that are in the similar progressive rock genre.

Hosted by Black Circle Radio


Mitch Anderson

Mitch enjoys all things music and when he is not recording Stax of Wax, spinning records on his all-vinyl radio show Black Circle Radio, or learning how to be a dad, you can most likely find him very close to a pinball machine with a beer in hand.

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