The LP 018 - a monthly playlist from VMP

On September 28th 2015

There are lots of monthly playlists out there, and this one is ours.

Julia Holter is not normally my bag but this is just delightful and struck me this summer. Youth Lagoon is another sleeper typically for me, but The Knower is fun and just right next in this mix.

Speaking of fun, how can you not dance along to a track called S U G A R D R E A M Z? New God forces it, just go with it. Keep shaking it with Jotu. In fact I’d recommend dropping it like it’s hotter than hot.

Don’t worry, Dark Sky will bring you back down. Portrait allows you to mellow out completely. And Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright will break your heart. Ways to make you see is 10 years old this year, but is still a gut puncher.

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