Ten Songs Over Ten Minutes Long That You Must Hear

On July 11th 2017 » By Mitch Anderson

Stax Pancakes 1

This episode was a behemoth to put together. In a good way, of course. We decided it would be fun to focus an episode on the long tracks, the epic forms of songwriting that do not adhere to normal rules of any genre that they are considered a part of. This episode of Stax of Wax is wicked diverse and focuses only on tracks that are over ten minutes in length. You may as well put the pot of coffee next to your desk because this puppy is one long, strange trip. Enjoy!


Mitch Anderson

Mitch enjoys all things music and when he is not recording Stax of Wax, spinning records on his all-vinyl radio show Black Circle Radio, or learning how to be a dad, you can most likely find him very close to a pinball machine with a beer in hand.

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