Podcast - The Selector Series Interview with Perfume Genius


On May 12th 2017 » By Tyler Barstow

Perfume Genius - No Shape

Podcast - Perfume Genius

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If you’re unfamiliar with our Selector Series, each month Vinyl Me, Please chooses one artist/music nerd/DJ/etc to pick albums they love to be listed for sale in our online store. In addition, they come on the show and talk shop about why they love each one with me.

This month, Mike Hadreas AKA Perfume Genius is here to talk a few of his favorite albums along with his new record. His new album No Shape is unbelievably good and after talking a bit about that project and how it came to be, we jump into his roster of picks and why he loves each one.

Tyler Barstow

Tyler Barstow

Tyler is the co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please. He lives in Denver and listens to The National a lot more than you do.

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