New Albums from Dirty Projectors and Ryan Adams

On February 25th 2017 » By Tyler Barstow

Dirty Projectors

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This week Andrew stops by to pop a wheelie through the new album from Dirty Projectors and the great Katie Bain is with us to talk all things Ryan Adams and his new record “Prisoner”. With Dirty Projectors we get into why this may very well be their best work yet and why it also may be one half of one of the best behind-the-music stories in indie rock history. With Ryan Adams, we get into his career and talk his similarities with Springsteen and what this album has taught us about him as both an artist and a human being.

Tyler Barstow

Tyler Barstow

Tyler is the co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please. He lives in Denver and listens to The National a lot more than you do.

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