Important Update Regarding Our Members Store

On October 6th 2016


Hey everyone, a big announcement regarding our members store. We're opening it up to vinyl lovers everywhere! Starting today, select titles in the VMP Store will now be available for purchase by the general public. We're always looking for ways to provide more music lovers with the VMP experience on the one hand, while maximizing member value on the other.

Members will ALWAYS have first access to purchase everything we put in the store in addition to FREE shipping (U.S. domestic members) and discounted shipping for international members. Anyone who is not an active member will pay full shipping rates and get access only to titles after the members-only purchase window has ended. Any title that falls within the members-only purchase window will be designated as such with a “Member Exclusive” banner.

Exclusive members-only purchase windows are as follows:

  • VMP Archive (Past Monthly-Feature Albums) - 12 months

  • VMP Member Store Exclusives - 30 days

  • VMP Non-Exclusive Curated Vinyl - 7 days

In addition, we’ll be enforcing a 3-copy limit on any single product. This is to prevent flipping and ensure that all members have a chance to purchase things that may sell out quickly.

Crate members are allowed to keep their Crate-only membership; they can pay $6 a month and have free shipping and have immediate access to exclusives. However, we are eliminating the Crate membership for new signups, effective immediately.

Our goal is to always increase the value of your membership. By focusing on member-exclusive products and purchase windows, we hope to ensure that you get the most out of your membership. We have plans to evolve this over time with additional things like content, events & discounts, rewards and other programs.

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