Cheers To The Last Spins Of 2016

On December 16th 2016

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Give Dad The Gift Of Vinyl

Last night we spun our last simultaneous-national-listening-party record of the year. Members, non-members, venues, DJs, and artists celebrated the legend, Nina Simone with our Nina Simone Sings the Blues release, enjoying a night of jazz, blues, and soul in 18 venues across the US - yes, all last night. Live acts, like Solie in Brooklyn and Jellyroll Trio in San Francisco, paid tribute to the late Simone while other vinyl DJs and longtime members with turntable skills curated playlists in her honor. It was a festive night around the nation, with Simone remembrance spreading holiday cheer.

Despite the bitter cold most of us felt, we braved the weather to warm up among the music community we all built, the loyal monthly Spins friends you know you’ll see every third Thursday of the month. (Hey, more than you see most friends.) We clinked glasses, reminiscenced on our favorite past event moments, and saluted to the new year with Bar Fausto’s Bourbon Milk Punch.

With a rewarding smile and as one last romanticized tear rolls down our cheek, we say, “Goodbye, 2016 THE SPINS. You’ve been really good to us.”

Thank you all for participating in our national vinyl listening series this year! We couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve become a near and dear music community to us, and for that we are grateful. Leaving us to only say, “And I’m feelin’ good.”

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