Introducing Ask VMP

On March 28th 2016


Have you ever wondered how to change your stylus? Are you curious how we pick the records for the store or our featured album each month? Do you want to know how to clean your records? What about where our staff buys our beard oil? What about which late-period Rolling Stones albums are worth owning?

Until now, there's been our Forums, and our Social Media to ask these questions, and we've been happy to answer them there. But now, we've introduced Ask VMP, a semi-regular feature where we will answer your questions, no matter how big or how small. Ask your gear questions. Ask your record collecting questions. Ask whatever you want, and we'll try to answer it within reason (please don't spam email us). Think of us as the record store clerk who won't treat you as bad as he treated the bassist in his last slowcore power trio (poorly).

You can hit us up at No funny stuff. Leave that to us:

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