Thanks for Coming to the 6th Edition of the Spins!

On August 19th 2016


In six months, life can go one of two ways: either nothing has changed and the seasons whirled by, or you were able to shift your life on the path to something new. We’d like to think we’re experiencing the latter with all of you.

We launched our monthly nation-wide vinyl listening party,THE SPINS,in March with a test run of five cities. This month, we’re happy to report we partied with many of you at20 different citiesin twenty different venues all on the same night! Impossible? Well, we have proof.

We celebrated our August’sRecord of the Monthrelease by asking the nation to spin the VMP Edition ofMy Morning Jacket’s ‘Zrecord at the same time, across all time zones. The result? A beautiful array of events customized to fit each venue, where people came to party together over the common bond of appreciating and loving music. There was a pop-up shop / listening party at Sister Bar in Albuquerque brought by Hi-Phy Records Pop-Up Record Shop. A night of cheers-ing beers as DJ Details spun records on a U-turn turntable before a live set by Panther Martin ignited the crowd at Black Shirt Brewery. A vinyl happy hour followed by two bands (Vodi & EL LAGO) who did MMJ covers at The Nightingale Room. A member by the name of DJ Hazbro hosting in Texas, back-to-back vinyl DJ sets at 1306 Miami style. And that’s just to name a few.

But what made this month one of our favorites? We had the opportunity to feature ourTito’s Handmade Vodkacustom cocktail, Z + Tito’s Off The Record, while My Morning Jacket spun with co-hostsDoStuff Mediain Boston (ZuZu Bar), Nashville (The Basement East Pub), and where our featured month’s artists are from, Louisville (Galaxie Bar). The events sounded,and tasted,so good!

THE SPINS is our way of saying “Thank you.” Thank you for appreciating music. Thank you for loving vinyl. Thank you for wanting to spend your night with us!










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