The Books

The Lemon of Pink

№ 47
November 2016

Solitude is a practice, and like The Lemon of Pink, it’s a discipline that does not immediately yield tangible results. Emily Dickinson, the patron saint of I’m just gonna stay in tonight, used solitude as a means of survival, where the “soul admitted to itself” would allow for a “finite infinity.” Modern-day dispatches from our moments of solitude are usually not stanzas of Dickinson or Whitman or Rilke, rather they are appeals to whoever will listen. The urge to tweet about how my yoga teacher played like three Smiths songs during Shavasana is staggering. The rush of likes on a selfie from my hike makes the tick bite almost seem worth it. Our effort then is not to be alone but to let others know we were alone. This breaks the character of solitude. To transmit a moment of solitude is to tarnish the ascetic soul. But to let it burrow in and remain private can allow you to learn and unlearn the lessons as dictated only by the self.--Jeremy D. Larson

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VMP Exclusive Edition Features:

  • Lemon-colored vinyl w/ hot pink splatter
  • Full-color gatefold, die-cut jacket featuring all new album art with metallic inks and foil stamping
  • 16-page full-color, full-sized booklet featuring all new artwork, extensive liner notes written by Nick Zammuto, including track-by-track commentary
  • Full album digital download card

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“With YouTube still two years away and the exponential growth of the internet in medium swing, The Lemon of Pink landed just as we all began to get connected. Since The Books’ early fame was mostly predicated upon online reviews, they were uniquely one of the first bands whose music could exist entirely without a physical copy. The Books could be discovered and then listened to in the same breath, without ever having to leave your computer.”

Jeremy D. Larson


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