St. Vincent


№ 59
November 2017

MASSEDUCTION, St. Vincent’s fifth solo album, is a neck-snapping magnum opus. Though dark, it avoids the kind of overdone, maudlin doom and gloom that mopes instead of shocks; it’s the most conceptually perfect and perfectly constructed album in a whole catalog incredible albums. Every second and noise is accounted for, but it’s not so stuffy that there isn’t air to breathe. Rather, the fester of drugs, fame, loss, sex, indulgence and suicide found on MASSEDUCTION are strained through Clark’s signature clever grin.

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What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • Exclusive Alternate Jacket Color
  • Lapis Blue Vinyl
  • 16-Page Lyric and Photo Booklet
  • Exclusive Iron-On Fabric Patch
  • 12x12 Original Art Print by Megan Bowker

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“The album’s sonics often echo the unnamed feeling of living in America today: the eerie, polished mainstream, infiltrated by bizarre, self-aware escapism, and surrounded by the anxiety of impending destruction. It’s seductive reality-horror: a mirror reflecting fire so blue you can’t help but walk into it.”

Amileah Sutliff

We talked to St. Vincent in Los Angeles about her new album. You can read our interview and Liner Notes for MASSEDUCTION here.

St Vincent


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