Panda Bear

Person Pitch

№ 49
January 2017

Lennox’s best-known, most beloved album as Panda Bear captures the brief instant where the exuberance of youth and the pressures of adulthood reach a stalemate in your brain, giving you a second to breathe. It’s a space where you can remember what it meant to feel carefree and innocent before embracing the new expectations and fears that come with getting older. Person Pitch is that space’s radiant soundtrack, and it’ll remain relevant and useful as long as there are young people in the world trying to figure out their next step.

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What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 10 year Anniversary Reissue
  • 2LP, White + Blue Vinyl
  • Half Speed Remastered
  • 45 RPM Audiophile Pressing
  • New Gatefold Jacket
  • 12" x 12" Original Art Print by Mi Ju

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“Person Pitch isn’t defined by fear, and it’s not crippled by the weight of expectations. It’s progressive, inspirational music. It makes you feel excited about the prospect of the future, even if the future is uncertain and imposing.”

Jamieson Cox

Panda Bear Teaser

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