The National


№ 56
August 2017

No one talks enough about what a perfect title Boxer is for this album: a sport where you spar one opponent, the mirror of your own actions. A sport where half the battle is fighting yourself, and demands that you scrupulously analyze every move. A sport trading on the hope that you will always stay vigilant against failure, that no one will ever land the blow that knocks you into an elegant fall back into an unmagnificent life.

What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • 10th Anniversary Reissue
  • Special Edition Grey Vinyl
  • Bonus 7” w/ tracks from Sleep Well Beast
  • 12x12 Art Print by Philip Johnson

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“Boxer is an album about proximity: to happiness, to success, to good relationships, to lives that live up to the lives we imagined for ourselves. It’s all inseparable from the band’s own slow ascendance to fame, and the pressure they applied to themselves in bringing Boxer to life.”

Susannah Young

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The National

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