The Fugees

The Score

№ 40
April 2016

“The Score lives in that narrow archipelago between the end of the boom-bap Golden Age and the rise of the Jiggy Era. It’s both the last of the old tradition and the first of the next generation. It helped bring hip-hop to the mainstream without the crass commercialism that mars most attempts. No East Coast hip-hop album had previously combined dulcet melodies with such hard beats, crossing over with experimental pop that catered to the masses. It’s the most safe, seditious record ever made.” -- Jeff Weiss

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What’s included in this VMP Exclusive:

  • Gatefold, 2LP split-color black & gold vinyl
  • Bonus gold 7″ with 3 tracks never before on vinyl
  • 12″ x 24″ fold out poster
  • 12×12 orginal art print by Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

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“Magic is our standby musical cliché. Whenever you ask an artist to reminisce on a long-ago lightning strike of genius, the response inevitably invokes supernatural euphemism. When the Fugees attempted re-unification in 2005, Pras claimed they briefly “recaptured the magic.” To his credit, The Score is the classic album as astral comet.”

Jeff Weiss


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As part of your continued education in all things the Fugees, here’s a compendium on the post-Fugees career of all three Fugees.

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Thank the Fugees for These 7 Things

It’s the two-edged sword forged from otherworldly success like the Fugees experienced with their sophomore album: accountability for everything great, good, bad, and terrible that arose as a direct result of one work of art.

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