Come to Our Tumblr IRL In LA Tomorrow

On August 30th 2016

Tumblr IRL Glass Animals Flyer-thumb-633x993-497976

There’s a tendency amongst us vinyl loving folks to decry the encroaching spread of streaming services. We want to praise analog over digital; we want to believe in music you can hold with your hands, not just in your hand on a phone.

But we at Vinyl Me, Please have never been about one type of music delivery system over another; we believe in the power of vinyl because it allows you to feel a deeper connection to your music. But that doesn’t mean it’s theonlyway to experience your music. Which is to say we’re super hyped to be announcing ourTumblr IRL at theAuditorium at the Village Studios in Los Angeles, which is a collaboration betweenGlass Animals--makers of our SeptemberAlbum of the Month--Tumblr,Spotify, and us, Vinyl Me, Please.

The Tumblr IRLgoes down on Wednesday August 31, at 8pm. We’ll have characters from Glass Animals’ music videos in attendance doing things like playingMario Kart. We’ll have art fromAshten “Whoopi” Winger and Ukrainian pixel artist Mykola “Myk” Dosenko, as they work to bring the album cover to life. Plus, Glass Animals are going to be playing a live show. We’re working hard with Tumblr and Spotify to make it a can’t miss, once-in-a-lifetime event.  

You need to have RSVP’d by now to get into the IRL, and RSVP doesn’t necessarily get you in; it’s going to be first come-first served till we’re at capacity, so show up early. If you don’t get in, don’t fret: We’re partnering with Spotify on a vinyl release of the show via theirSpotify Sessions. They’ll put the Sessions up on Spotify for everyone to listen to, and we’ll sell a limited quantity of records of Glass Animals’ performance. Digital and analog, creating a unique musical experience for you. As it should be.  
The flyer for the event is above.

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