30 Years Later, Reba Looks Back on ‘For My Broken Heart’

On June 28th 2021 » By VMP Staff

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Reba McEntire’s For My Broken Heart, our July Country Record of the Month, Reba spoke with us about the tracks, videos and impact of her 1991 album.

Reba put it best: “I think the reason this album connected with so many people is because it’s relatable songs. It touches your heart and it connects to you the way you need it to. Songs, great songs, like that always do. The way I hear it and it relates to me will be totally different than the way you relate to it, but they’re wonderful songs, and they’re timeless.”

For My Broken Heart was recorded after the loss of her band and tour manager in a tragic plane crash, which Reba said was “channeled into this album with every song, every lyric.”

She recalled a conversation with the bass player on the album, Leland Sklar, who asked, “Reba, are we gonna do any happy songs?” Reba said she looked up and said, “Leland, not on this one.” And he said, “I understand.”

Watch the full interview below:

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