Denzel Curry’s Personalities Explained In Records

On May 22nd 2019 » By Vinyl Me, Please Staff

denzel hi-five

HI-Fives is the new series from Vinyl Me, Please where we ride along with our favorite artists who dig through the crates at a local record store. From makeout bops to morning rituals, we get to know these artists intimately through their vinyl selects and the stories behind them.

On this episode, we talk to Denzel Curry about which records best capture the essence of his five personalities. Ever wondered what Denny Cascade would ride around to? What’s the Zeltron theme music? Denzel gives us the keys to his ego, one record at a time.

How ULT you tryna be? Click here to enter a drawing to win the records Denzel Curry picked in this episode!

Stay tuned for more Hi-Fives soon!

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