The City and God of Kendrick Lamar

On May 8th 2017 » By Tyler Barstow

Kendrick Lamar

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This week Rebecca Haithcoat stops by for a deep dive into the LA rap scene which Kendrick Lamar is now the face of. We go into its roots, his rise there, and his ongoing relationship with God in his work. Oftentimes, God stuff can come across as annoying, trite, or forced in many other artists’ work but for some reason, regardless of whether we believe in God or not, Kendrick’s theological content comes across as honest and thoroughly approachable. There’s a humanity to him that makes him such a singular artist and we talk through the contextual and abstract forces at work in both him and his music.

Tyler Barstow

Tyler Barstow

Tyler is the co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please. He lives in Denver and listens to The National a lot more than you do.

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